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THE OTHER F WORD is about a fairy girl who deals with intolerance, friendships, forbidden attraction, betrayal, and her race's expectations.

Cover reveal:
(without the pink borders)



This is Dekram, the main character in the book, and Nesohc. Dek and Nes are friends who are attracted to one another.

The one below is Layol, Dekram's best friend, and  my favorite character in the book because she makes me laugh.

These are some of the characters in the book:

In the chair on the far left is Detaf, the boy the elders have chosen for Dekram. Layol is below him.

Under Layol is Egar, the head of the Fire fairies, a real bad-boy. He's a villain in the story.

Over Egar's left shoulder, with the skull on his chest is Bacs, beside him is Mirg. Mirg makes me laugh too because she's always talking about death, decay, and gory stupid stuff.

Next to Mirg is the main character, Dekram, the only half-breed in Wandermere. Her father is Air, her mother Water, and from the beginning, the other children dislike her and the elders seem to have big plans for her future.

The purple fairy, under Dek, is Soahc and she is the meanest girl in Wandermere. She takes up with the Fire fairies and does all sorts of bad stuff.

Last, but not least, in the lower right hand corner is Nesohc, the fairy that Dekram is forbidden to have a relationship with.

Bacs with Mirg:


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Toni's grandmother is a psychopath.
Her sister is a ghost.
Her boyfriend is possessed.
And she has no idea who she is.

Summer vacation is ruined when Toni's twin sister, Sara, dies. Instead of walking into the light, Sara stomps directly away from it, totally pissed she didn't die in her skinny jeans. That's when Sara finds out their grandmother has a gift for talking to dead people, and two spritely spirits and a nasty soothsayer named Bartholomew are all working their angle with Toni's future caught in between.

Dear old Granny's determined not to be the last necromancer in the family, but with the death of her promiscuous granddaughter, her only option is Toni, who must remain a virgin until her eighteenth birthday without any ghostly interference from Sara.

Sara's not having any of it; especially since the guy Granny's conspiring with is the same guy that assisted in Sara's demise. Toni needs help! But protecting her sister is complicating all the ghostly fun on the other side!

Can death stop a twin? Maybe not, but Granny knows Dead Girls Never Shut Up.

***(PG rating) Contains mild adult content and profanity

These are the two male characters in Dead Girls and if I had to vote for my hunkiest guy, it would be Paul even though he's possessed by this really obnoxious ghost named Bartholomew for most of the book.

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  1. Love your covers and your books! Nesohc is hot. Had to scroll back up for another gander at him. LOL.

  2. Yeah, Nes is a cutie, Audra. I'm really enjoying the time I spend with these characters, they're such fun--gonna miss the fairy world when I'm finished. I should be able to release the book in late spring or early summer.

    Thanks for stopping by and for your words of support,