Saturday, September 20, 2014

This month Chicks author LINDA ULLESEIT is having a Back to School Blog Hop. For Chicks, she's posting an excerpt from her ebook novella, WINGS OVER TREMEIRCHSON.
Download this book for free here:

Wings Over Tremeirchson:
The early spring air, still chilled by the remnant of winter, rushed past Neste’s cheeks and teased her chestnut hair out from under her leather helmet. She took a deep breath, but her hands trembled on the reins. A shiver of tension ran through the muscles of the winged horse beneath her, and Neste murmured, “Easy, Llawen, just like we practiced now. Easy, del,” masking her own anxiety as best she could with the Welsh endearment.

The mare was not fooled. She tossed her head and her silver wings missed a beat. Neste clenched her lips and focused on Llawen’s gray ears. They swiveled, alert to the other four horses in formation nearby. Hoel, aboard his glossy brown stallion, led with confidence that bordered on recklessness. Neste suspected that some depth of his mind believed only he could master this dance, rendering all others irrelevant and beneath him. Still, he led the team. Of course he wanted them to perform well.

The swish of Llawen’s powerful wings added to the breeze, and the usual delight of soaring aboard such a beautiful creature filled Neste’s heart. Below them, people locked to the ground scurried about their business to the apothecary or the tanner or the tavern. Nonwinged horses pulled wagons and carriages. Neste wondered if Llawen felt superior to them.

The mare’s charcoal-colored mane rippled. The occasional silver strands caught the sunlight and sparkled. The mare’s dappled gray neck gleamed with sweat as the most difficult part of the routine came upon them and Neste’s pleasure evaporated in concentration.  

“Hover like a hummingbird.” She muttered Hoel’s ridiculous words as she signaled the mare. The great silver wings angled slightly so that the downstrokes would not carry horse and rider forward. Neste patted the damp gray neck. “Best hummingbird in Tremeirchson.”

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