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So, what am I working on? Well, It's kind of hard to explain, but somehow I have 6 novels on the go!

Heal Me (A Touched Trilogy, #2) 
is set for release March 26!

Heal Me centers on Lily and her healing ability. When someone close to her dies, Lily's faith in her gift is tested. With her life spiraling out of control, Lily clings to her best friend Micah. But when that friendship turns into something more Lily finds that healing herself is much harder than healing others.

Watch Me will focus on Chloe. She's always seen the future as black and white and completely unchangeable. Yet her gift of seeing the future hasn't been that accurate lately and she no longer has her visions under control. When a vision shows her a horrific future that has her sisters and friends in danger, Chloe has to decide if she's willing to try changing the future.

My other major work in progress has been stuck in limbo for almost four years. :) The Raven's Mark (title will definitely be changed) will be a four part series about a girl named Janie. After moving with her stepfather and stepbrother to a remote mountain town, Janie finds herself amidst a community who are infected with a mysterious illness. They have been waiting years for The One that has been prophesied as their cure. And they have decided Janie is The One. But not every one wants to be healed and Janie isn't sure she's ready to be The One. Especially when it means her death.

On Sale Now:

A YA contemporary romance about love, loss, and moving on.

 Lie to Me (A Touched Trilogy, #1)
A YA paranormal romance follows Phoebe Matlin as she struggles to adjust to her new gift of hearing the truth in people's words.

Heal Me (A Touched Trilogy, #2)
A YA paranormal romance about a girl whose gift of healing is not enough to heal herself.

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