Sunday, March 17, 2013

Join our Road Trip

Welcome to or Chicks Writing Rocking YA blog which delves into the world of reading and writing YA novels. Some quick housekeeping, some of us live in the US and with a lone Australian. All unusual spelling  and spelling errors in gerneal will be attributed to the fact the Australian has written that particular post. Check out more about each of the Chicks on our profile page.

Our blog will give you an insight into the organised chaos of our life as writers creates. Yes there’s the character arcs, the plots and subplots, deciding just how good looking is too good looking for your characters, how many friends do they have, how old will they be, where do they live, is she into art or archery or both,  is he a  boxer or brief guy,.. (I’ll stop there as I’m feeling a little frantic at all the responsibility I’ve realised I have as a writer).  We must finding fresh and interesting ways to say someone walked over to their chair without adverbs while giving just the right sense of setting and of course there’s the editing for grammar, spelling and punctuation. (You either love or hate that last one – there’s no middle ground). There’s actually finishing a book, which sounds easy if you say it fast.

There’s also the days you spend googling and pinning pictures which inspire you, or going backwards and forwards over book cover graphics, colours and fonts. The blog tours and book signings. Updating your facebook page, updating your three blogs – personal, writing and reviewing, tweeting and of course more writing. (I was tempted to add visiting the set of the movie adaptation of your book – but none of us are presently doing this. If you are on set – we implore you to put down your coffee, get off the chair embossed with your name and let us know immediately J )

We would love for you to buckle up and come on our reading and writing road trip. Make sure you bring lots of snacks. A personal favourite – peanut M&M’s.


  1. Yeah. Ditto. Just to point out though, I personally don't like peanut M&Ms. Bring chocolate. No nuts.


  2. Chips, Goldfish, Triscuts, Chex mix, anything with salt and I'm in.